Evangelist Bonnie J. Parrish

Worship Pastor

“Acknowledging God’s continued show of love to humanity inspires us to a greater love for Him—and a deeper worship.”

As one of the original 12 members of Victory Apostolic Church, I have watched the miraculous growth and development of this AWEsome Ministry. Migrating through roles as Director, Minister of Music and Worship Pastor, God has shown His hand is upon us, and His grace continues to bless our journey.

Music has always been a source of joy in my life, especially as a young child. I enjoy all genres of music (except heavy metal, gangster rap, or forms that are demeaning or degrading. I’ve forgotten more music than most people will ever know.

I can remember visiting my Aunt Edna, who lived in the upstairs apartment. We spent Sunday morning listening to Mahalia Jackson records as she prepared to go to church. No, I didn’t go with her, but by the time I was 10 years old, I felt the call of God and found myself making my way to the Presbyterian Church on the corner of my block. I am sure that my being the only Black person in attendance intrigued the congregation, but they got over the initial shock and welcomed my presence. They had no choice, God was moving. LOL!

Fast forward through my time at Chicago State & Roosevelt Universities, starting a family, 40 years in corporate America, starting a coffee house in Richton Park, and then joining Senior Pastor Andrew D. Singleton, Jr. and the Victory Apostolic Church family.

My gospel music experience took form in 1985 when I joined a 125-voice Baptist church choir, and subsequently formed the SeLah Ensemble, which became the first “choir” for Victory Apostolic Church. I then recruited some of Chicago’s finest musicians from my SeLah and coffee house alliances, and formed the Victory Vibrations.

The development of the VAC Music & Worship Arts Ministry, however would never have been possible without an outstanding team of musicians, Directors, lead singers, and choir members, who have faithfully served our Church. I am ever-grateful to God for designing & aligning our Music Ministry Family.